The Fuwa Fuwa Lamp is for creating peaceful spaces within your home.


Whether it's a big open space that needs some softly lit closeness or a cosy little alcove that can be filled with a joyful ambience for that cup of tea and a book or a cheeky wine.


Studio Blackthorn's Fuwa Fuwa Table Lamp & Pendent is an adaptable ambient lighting source that enhances the sensory architecture of a space, with its undulating curves bringing forth the duality of light & shadow from within its diaphanous form.

Fuwa Fuwa (ふわふわ) in Japanese describes something that is light & softly fluffy.


This can be a shape, food or texture which can lead to an experience that is both satisfying and restorative.


The Fuwa Fuwa Lamp can be used as a table lamp or as a pendant light using its long 3m power cord to suspend the lamp off a ceiling or wall.

If you live in Australia the shipping is on us! No worries.